Images Guidelines

In order to ensure good quality for your canvas, you have to choose the right image, i.e. the right size and resolution.

Most digital cameras today deliver good image resolution which is ideal for canvas printing.

As a general guide, images that are higher than 2.0MB in file size are usually good enough for excellent print out. For images with file size less than 1.5MB but higher than 700kb are still workable in most cases, but it might be subjected to a smaller canvas print size.

The detail info of the image size could be easily found by simply right-clicking on your image, then select “Properties”, you will be able to get the file size (e.g. 2.3MB) and image resolution (e.g. 2048 x1536 ) of the particular image here.

Images that are saved in JPEG or TIF file format will work fine in canvas printing. Please contact us if you have any issue with your image file format.TPC is happy to run a free quality check on your images!